A Developer Platform For Digital Twins

API-first platform for Digital Twin creation and management powered by our secure data storing and sharing framework.

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The New Paradigm Of Knowledge Storing & Sharing

We are experiencing a major shift in how data is stored and shared. Data distributed in domain systems is being transformed into knowledge aggregated around objects that matter for your business processes. These virtual objects are Digital Twins of real objects.


Create And Manage Digital Twins With Trusted Twin

Build Shared Knowledge With Trust.

Digital Twins exist independently between cooperating partners in a form of common knowledge. It does not belong to a single process participant or organization. The Trusted Twin platform stores Digital Twins and acts as an exchange layer in the technology stack, so that knowledge storing and sharing is decentralized, flexible, and secure.

Additionally, everyone can choose their preferred integration among different available methods.

Fall In Love With The Way You Code.

Our API-first solution expands your coding efficiency and quality, not your workload. It takes non-functional requirements, such as scalability, availability, and security, off your plate, allowing you to focus on value-driving tasks and creating standout solutions.

Retain Ownership And Control Over Data You Share.

Take advantage of our trusted and flexible data sharing framework to build comprehensive knowledge sharing solutions. On the Trusted Twin platform, each of the users has full authority over their data, thus preventing any unauthorized or harmful interference.


All The Tools You Need To Unlock The Potential Of The Digital Twin Technology

Allow any object to be represented digitally with a set of powerful functionalities available for free.

Digital Twin Operations

Perform all operations on the Digital Twin object, Digital Twin Identities, and the Digital Twin Ledger.

Digital Twin Docs

Store and exchange reports, certificates, photos, videos, or any other type of files relevant for your business.

Digital Twin Timeseries

Create a Trusted Twin Timeseries database that automatically stores data relevant to your business.

Digital Twin Notifications

Automatically invoke external services each time a Digital Twin Ledger Entry is changed.

Digital Twin Indexing

Define and automatically update structured views of Digital Twins with data stored in a dedicated instance of a relational database.

Digital Twin Integrations

Take advantage of multiple integration standards (e.g., REST, MQTT) and ready to use libraries for multiple programming languages.

Use Cases

What Can You Do With Trusted Twin?

Focus on your core activities, the platform will take care of the non-functional stuff.

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