Case Studies

See how our customers benefit from using Trusted Twin


By choosing Trusted Twin, Deor saved approximately €1,000,000 and 2 years otherwise needed to build a digital twin infrastructure in-house.

Trusted Twin as the data-sharing platform supports Deor in its goal of becoming a centralized source of everything pet-related. From animals’ food preferences, behavioral, and medical data, to appointment reminders and personalized deals on services and products, offered by Deor’s marketplace partners.


By choosing Trusted Twin as the data-sharing solution partner, SoftGent can now lower the post-implementation costs of their system by as much as 30%.

Trusted Twin technology is responsible for storing, securing, and upgrading their customers’ data. SoftGent doesn’t need to worry anymore about the maintenance of the platform.


By introducing the shoe-as-a-service platform, Protektor might become the pioneer in the modern specialist footwear industry.

Running Shoe as a Service maintained by Trusted Twin will allow the company to build a comprehensive source of product knowledge, including insights regarding product usage. As a result, Protektor will be able to improve the footwear’s functionality and build long-term relationships with clients, thus entirely extending and transforming their traditional revenue generation model.

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