How Deor used Trusted Twin to revolutionize animal care

Deor is a European startup that is building out a complex animal care ecosystem that links pet owners with personalized products & services.

Trusted Twin was the only solution on the market, which allowed us to build our platform’s infrastructure without becoming an IT company. It ideally fits our expansion plans – we’ll be able to scale easily into new markets, without any significant upfront investment.


Deor aims to revolutionize the animal care market by creating a curated marketplace powered by personalized recommendations for animal owners. Pet lovers get access to a variety of services including veterinarians, groomers, and specialistic food manufacturers all for the sake of providing the best care for their animals.

Animal owners are able to maintain a digital profile that stores all key information on their pets within the platform. From vaccination history, pedigree certificates, and medical records, to shopping history in partnered marketplaces. This allows owners and service providers alike to improve animal well-being.


In order to provide tailored recommendations for animal owners, Deor needs access to large sets of data from a variety of sources, including:

  • Veterinary clinics,
  • Food manufacturers & stores,
  • IT firms building products for the pet industry,
  • Professional breeders,
  • Cynological and feline associations,
  • Zoopsychologists.

All of which have to be integrated.

While building the platform, there were two key challenges Deor had to overcome. Firstly, as they aren’t an IT company, they needed to find a way to build a sophisticated ecosystem without developing the infrastructure in-house. Secondly, as Deor aspires to be a pioneer in the pet tech industry, with no competing solutions currently on the market, time was of the essence.


Deor’s tech partner built a digital twin solution and chose Trusted Twin as the data-sharing platform provider. Each animal in the platform has a separate digital twin, which stores verifiable, irrefutable information. Data is collected in a number of ways, including:

  • The animal’s chip, used to store all medical information (vet visits, vaccinations, healthcare records, etc.),
  • Via other types of hardware, such as IoT collars (counting the number of steps, sleep quality, training performance, and other metrics that relate to vitals),
  • Animal product shopping history (i.e., products purchased through Deor’s marketplace),
  • Appointment/reservation systems (used for automatic reminders for medical and grooming services).

In order to make it happen, Deor needed a solution that would not only let it collect a large amount of data but also integrate with new databases, quickly and efficiently. As the brand works toward becoming the biggest pet marketplace in the world, it needs a solution that lets them create as many digital twins as needed, all the while accommodating any data volume fluctuations. Trusted Twin aligns with these goals perfectly.


  • Reduced cost and risk of implementing the new platform
  • Scalability aligned with the startup’s growth and plans
  • Access to best-in-class integrations and documentation
  • Cost of IT infrastructure aligned with the revenue generated from the platform and marketplace
  • Non-functional requirements such as security and service uptime taken care of by Trusted Twin


By choosing Trusted Twin, Deor saved approximately €1,000,000 and 2 years otherwise needed to build a digital twin infrastructure in-house.

Deor is currently at an early stage of implementation. However, the company will measure their success based on the number of partners who integrate with and use their solution, as well as the data volume shared by other parties.

As the platform is tailored to B2C and B2B users, Deor intends to assess their success in two ways:

  • The number of pet owners using the platform and sharing their pet data, which improves the accuracy of the recommendation system,
  • The number of clinics, associations, and other B2B users who will integrate their data into the platform and add information on an ongoing basis – via pet care software and/or coding data onto chips.

The bottom line

Choosing Trusted Twin as the data-sharing platform supports Deor in its goal of becoming a centralized source of everything pet-related. From animals’ food preferences, behavioral, and medical data, to appointment reminders and personalized deals on services and products, offered by Deor’s marketplace partners.

On top of meeting all the tech criteria, Trusted Twin also perfectly matches Deor’s expansion plans beyond Europe – the cost of scaling the business aligns with the revenue generated on the platform.

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