How SoftGent used Trusted Twin to easily integrate their product across systems

SoftGent is an IoT engineering company that specializes in implementing complex IoT solutions for companies undergoing digital transformation. They offer two key products – TrackGent, which lets organizations collect real-time data on the movement of people and objects, and FlexGent, a platform that lets their clients analyze and manage data to boost work safety and efficiency.

The Trusted Twin platform ensures stability, accessibility, and scalability – three elements that are key to our clients. By using their data-sharing platform, we can bring new solutions to the market faster than ever before, all the while keeping the costs much lower than if we were to build it internally.


While SoftGent was able to effectively collect real-time data from hardware, they lacked a solution that would let FlexGent integrate data from numerous systems.

They have determined that the best solution would be to use a data-sharing platform that would allow them to exchange data between multiple partners. However, they were also aware that developing it would be expensive and time-consuming, and would draw their software team’s attention away from their core product.

For this reason, SoftGent decided to partner up with Trusted Twin as their data-sharing platform provider.


FlexGent offers the ability to monitor real-time metrics from a variety of data points. However, in order to process and use the data in numerous systems, it needs access to a wide range of integrations.

While SoftGent is an IT company, they didn’t want to develop the required infrastructure in-house. Particularly, ensuring system integrity for data exchange across numerous parties requires not only time spent on development but also long-term maintenance. SoftGent preferred to focus its resources on projects closer to its core business, which is why the company chose Trusted Twin as the data-sharing layer.

One of Softgent’s clients was a prestigious clinic that required a solution to monitor the hospital’s staff actions and real-time parameters directly linked to the quality of care they provide. This called for an integration of data from various systems, such as:

  • RFID tags sawn into hospital staff uniforms,
  • SoftGent’s own TrackGent system, which leverages UWB radio,
  • WiFi, BLE, and ZigBee hardware devices,
  • LoRa WAN communication modules.

In order to provide a universal interface for the entirety of the collected IoT data, the company decided to use a data-sharing platform.


SoftGent needed a solution that would let them:

  • Standardize the interface across multiple systems
    Scale the system to enable integration with different subscribers,
  • Deciding on a digital twin solution made sure that business intelligence and data processing were managed in a configurable, scalable, and secure manner,
  • The Trusted Twin platform met all of the above criteria. Additionally, it lets SoftGent keep the costs of integrating systems for many subscribers as low as possible.


  • All non-functional issues related to service availability, scalability, and security taken care of by Trusted Twin
  • Ability to focus on selling their ready-made solutions and their implementation
  • Standardization of integration and system maintenance
  • Flexibility in adding future integrations.


By choosing Trusted Twin as the data-sharing solution partner, SoftGent can now lower the post-implementation costs of their system by as much as 30%. As Trusted Twin is responsible for storing, securing, and upgrading their customers’ data, SoftGent doesn’t need to worry about the maintenance of the platform.

The bottom line

By integrating with Trusted Twin, SoftGent can now easily scale the number of integrations, which allows them to sell their offering to a wider audience. The costs of maintenance grow in parallel to the revenue generated from the FlexGent and TrackGent solutions.

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