# Database services access

The Trusted Twin platform offers advanced database services:

# Enabling Timeseries and Indexes databases

The database services need to be enabled for an account. Please get in touch with hello@trustedtwin.com to enable the Indexes and Timeseries database services for your account.

# Accessing Timeseries and Indexes databases

# Granting user access

If the Indexes and Timeseries advanced database services are enabled for your account, you need to grant a given user "read' or "write" access to the given database:

# Accessing database services

First, you need to obtain the database UUID of your database. You can call either of the below endpoints to obtain the database UUID:

Next, you can access the database services in the same way as a PostgreSQL database. The values of the required fields are as follows:

field value
host $DATABASE_UUID.database.trustedtwin.com
port 50649
database value is tt_customer
user UUID of the user logging into the database.
password User Secret (API key) of the user logging into the database.