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Meet ACME, a company that produces physical devices (such as utility meters) that must adapt to changing market demands. Their customers no longer want to handle the devices themselves; they only need access to the measurements. In response, customers are requesting that the manufacturer implement a new business model: “measurement as a service”.

To make this possible, the manufacturer needs to create an ecosystem that allows them to take over responsibility for the installation and maintenance of physical devices. This can be achieved by converting them into “virtual devices” that are accessible from the digital world and easily integrable with a variety of IT systems. However, the manufacturer lacks cloud expertise and wishes to avoid responsibility for implementing and maintaining the necessary integrations with their customers’ IT systems.


Physical devices are transformed into virtual representations and stored as shared objects on the Trusted Twin platform. Each physical meter stores measurements, usage, and error logs directly in its shared object.

The manufacturer controls the visibility of this data. Some of it should be visible to the customer, while the rest should only be visible to the IT department responsible for embedded software development. To access the measurements and provide their own data, such as installation address, customers directly integrate with the Trusted Twin platform. The installer can view this data only for the purpose of installation, and there is no need for it to be visible to the manufacturer.

Open integrations allow for automation of processes such as network balancing or leak detection, as well as subcontracted service processes such as installations or battery replacements.

Trusted Twin has become the foundation for the entire data collaboration ecosystem.



The manufacturer was able to implement a proof-of-concept in less than three months using their existing IT team. The only task was to modify the embedded software to call a simple REST event. There was no need to build any cloud expertise, infrastructure, or worry about cloud service scalability, availability, security, and integration with customers’ IT systems.

As a result, the manufacturer expects a return on investment from the new business model in less than 6-9 months. There was no initial investment or additional cost related to hiring new employees or extending the existing IT team’s expertise.

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