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API-first solution for sharing operational data with multiple partners powered by Digital Twins.

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Data is eating the world. The traditional “don’t share data” mindset is shifting towards sharing by default using trust-based mechanisms as the economic benefits of the new approach become more and more tangible.

With Trusted Twin, you can unlock the opportunities of operational data sharing, no matter if you are a traditional business transforming into a digital one, an enterprise benefiting from data-sharing collaboration with partners, or an integrator looking for a complete data-sharing layer.


Share and Manage Operational Data with Trusted Twin

Establish trust, retain ownership and control over your data

Retain full control over data with the Digital Twin concept. Digital Twins are objects dynamically created by all users involved in a business process. They exist independently between cooperating partners who retain full control over data visibility and accessibility at all times. And wherever there are concerns about trust, blockchain technology ensures verifiability of the data.

Integrate seamlessly with multiple systems and partners

As a technology-agnostic platform, Trusted Twin brings together everything that is required to build, maintain and scale seamless multi-partner integrations, regardless of the technology each of the partners wants to use. With a powerful API, webhooks, SDKs in multiple languages to comprehensive developer documentation, the platform accelerates your time to market.

Focus on building apps and services - not infrastructure

The Trusted Twin platform provides a complete data-sharing layer. Therefore, developers can focus on building applications and core functionalities and not infrastructure. All non-functional but mission-critical issues related to reliability, availability or scalability are taken care of, thus drastically reducing development time and cost.

API-first platform

Designed for developers

Flexible data model

Digital Twins are dynamically created and suitable for any business process as they comprise:

  • JSON documents storing the state of the Twin (Ledgers),
  • Documents of any type or size (Docs),
  • User-defined structured and multidimensional views of Digital Twins’ history (Timeseries databases),
  • and many more features and services.

Data Accessibility and Visibility Management

With the build-in Rules feature which lets you tailor access to the visibility of your resources and create custom permissions for users, you can flexibly manage accessibility and visibility of your data to match the needs of your business at any given time.

Security and reliability at scale

Seamlessly scale with our global coverage, robust security, flexible data storage and retention modules. Our transparent usage-based pricing lets you avoid an upfront investment as the cost of the platform will follow the value it creates for your business.


Data sharing powered by the Digital Twin concept

Allow any object to be represented digitally with a set of powerful functionalities available for free.

Basic operations

All operations on core objects that create a Digital Twin (Twins, Identities, and Ledgers), together with functionalities to manage visibility and accessibility of data.

Doc operations

All operations related to storing and sharing of Docs - static files of any type and size (e.g., reports, certificates, images, videos, PDF files).

Timeseries service

Define and store Digital Twin based time series data in the form of structured, multidimensional views. The data is stored in a relational database which allows for sophisticated SQL queries, historical and statistical analyses.

Notification service

Automatically invoke notifications (e.g., external services) each time a Ledger Entry of a Digital Twin is changed.

Indexing service

Store structured, multidimensional views of Digital Twin states and access Ledger records efficiently among thousands of Twins.

Integration services

Choose your preferred integration strategy and technology and collaborate effectively across multiple organizations with our technology-agnostic platform.

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