To say data is everywhere is to say nothing. While the importance of analytical data in running a business is obvious, the role of operational data is still a territory with a huge uncovered potential. Analytical data helps make the right business decisions, but it is the operational data that lets you fully benefit from digital transformation and build real-time processes.

Whether your goal is to introduce new digital services or start digital collaboration with your partners, building the strategy for data sharing and choosing the right technology is a must. And thanks to Trusted Twin, you don’t have to (a) invest in costly infrastructure, (b) struggle with data governance issues and (c) handle multiple integrations with various data sources. Instead, focus on your business objectives and let Trusted Twin act as a data sharing layer for your PoCs and full scale services.

We teamed up with Amazon Web Services to help Startups go to market faster with the Trusted Twin platform. Have your PoC in 3-6 months, ready for scaling to a commercial product. The offer is exclusively shaped for AWS’s Activate startup program participants.

Is the platform the right fit for my business?

It’s worth considering Trusted Twin in your tech stack if:

The offer

We are pleased to offer you a 6-month Proof of Concept at no cost. You will get:

  • All features of Trusted Twin Professional plan at no cost.
  • Free onboarding call and regular monthly consultations to help you fully benefit from the platform.
  • 10% off our regular pricing if you successfully end your PoC.

Next steps

If you’re already an AWS Activate startup participant, be sure to check out exclusive offers in the Activate Console for the specific benefits of Trusted Twin <> AWS partnership. If you have any questions, just drop us a line at and refer to AWS Activate so we could connect you with the program coordinator.