# Refresh a webhook subscription

This endpoint refreshes a webhook subscription.


You can make a request to this endpoint by using the "refresh_url" provided in the response to the request to the confirm_a_webhook_subscription, refresh_a_webhook_subscription endpoints as well as in the notification message.

Method Path Operation*
PATCH /notifications/webhooks/{account} webhook_refresh_subscription


In order for a user to perform the "webhook_refresh_subscription" operation, the "webhook_refresh_subscription" permission must be included in the list of allowed actions in the statement of the user's role.

# Request

Parameter Type In Description
string path Account UUID.
string query string Unique identifier of the subscription generated by the system.

# Response

Attribute Type Description
callback_url string URL to which notifications are to be sent.
subscription dictionary
Details of the subscription.
Attribute Type Description
topic string Name of the topic about which the notification is sent. It must match the regular expression (opens new window) [0-9A-Za-z\.\-_]{8,128}.
account string Account UUID.
validity_ts timestamp Time at which the subscription expires. Measured in seconds (to three decimal places) that have elapsed since the Unix epoch (opens new window).
unsubscribe_url string URL to unsubscribe from a subscription.
refresh_url string URL to refresh a subscription.

# Status codes

Requests to this endpoint result in generic status codes. For a comprehensive list of status codes, please consult the Status Codes section.