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Welcome to the Trusted Twin developer documentation.

Explore the Trusted Twin API the way it works best for you - whether you prefer to begin with a Postman quickstart guide, dive deep into a detailed tutorial, or jump straight into an API Reference section with code examples in your preferred programming language, we've got you covered!

Section Description Contents
Introduction Learn about the digital twin concept and digital twin advanced services available on the platform. Digital twin concept
Advanced services
Overview This section contains an introduction to the Trusted Twin API. Trusted Twin API
API reference index
Status codes
Log messages
Account & access In this section you will learn:
- how to create a Trusted Twin account,
- how to authenticate on the Trusted Twin platform,
- how to use optional custom HTTP headers in requests,
- how to access the Trusted Twin Indexes and Timeseries databases.
Account creation
Users and roles
Authentication (API key)
Custom headers
Database services access
Quickstart guides Our quickstart guides let you quickly get started on the Trusted Twin platform and play with the Trusted Twin API. cURL quickstart guide
Postman quickstart guide
Tutorials Explore our functionalities in depth on examples that will inspire you how to implement the Trusted Twin features for your business. Create a digital twin of a meter
Stickers (workflow tags) and notifications
Feature guides Learn more about selected Trusted Twin features with our guides. Custom headers
Rules (Entry visibility)
Rules (Twin rule)
Reference Consult the Trusted Twin API reference containing resource descriptions, endpoints, methods, parameters and sample requests in various programming languages and sample responses. You can start with the main object on the Trusted Twin platform - the Twin. Main objects:
* Twin
* Identity
* Ledger
* Docs
Advanced services:
* History
* Timeseries
* Indexes
* Notifications
* Stickers
Account and access:
* Account
* Role
* User
* User Secret (API key)
* Who am I
Log, trace and usage:
* Log
* Trace
* Usage
Libraries Check out our SDKs in Python and JavaScript (with a sample JavaScript client application) Python
Tools Explore tools developed for the Trusted Twin platform. Log monitor
Usage monitor

If you have any questions, please email hello@trustedtwin.com. Thank you in advance!

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