# Ping

The Ping program establishes the minimum and maximum processing times of the get_twin and update_twin operations as well as the processing time of the last operation through periodically performing the get_twin and update_twin operations. The requests are performed in a separate Twin created for the purpose of establishing the processing times of the operations.

# Requirements

The ping program requires:

  • Python 3.7 or above.
  • The requests library.

# Installation

To install the Ping program, download the file from the Trusted Twin Tools - Ping (opens new window) repository. Next, add the name of the file and your User Secret (API key) to install and run the program:

# Optional arguments

It is possible to use additional, optional arguments.

Optional argument Description
-u or --url Uses the URL provided in the argument.

# Resources

# Ping repository

You can access the program in the Trusted Twin Tools - Ping (opens new window) repository.