Monetize your data at scale and improve your bottom line

Turn your high-quality Customer Data into a product available to a broad market. Seamlessly, securely, with built-in compliance, data governance and consent management.

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Data monetization 
is on the rise

A growing number of businesses are successfully creating new revenue streams through Customer Data monetization. Although potentially lucrative, it presents technical, legal, and security challenges. The need for 1:1 custom integrations with various customers can significantly affect the profitability of these initiatives.

Trusted Twin provides all necessary functionalities 
and scale to overcome these challenges.

Advanced security

Industry best practices combined with Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) ensure the highest security standards for your data.

Demand aggregation

Make your data available to multiple Data Users with one easy integration.

Seamless integration

Our technology-agnostic API, webhooks, SDKs in multiple languages, and comprehensive documentation make integration smooth and easy.

Compliance and data governance

Ensure compliance with privacy regulations through our built-in compliance, data governance, and consent management.

Share Raw Data or Insights

Depending on your preferences, the scope of user consents, and data governance requirements, Trusted Twin enables you to share raw Customer Data, customer scoring, insights, or redacted data, directly or indirectly.

How it works?

Transform Your Customer Data into 
a Profitable Revenue Stream in Four Steps

Trusted Twin saves you months of development work and automates legal and compliance matters, enabling you to start monetizing your data at scale within days, not years.
01 Schedule a call
We help you assess your data assets, monetization opportunities and pricing. We will also find potential Data Users interested in your data.
02 Privacy check
We assist you with the assessment to ensure compliance with privacy regulations. We provide standardized user consent forms and support you with necessary changes if consents are missing.
03 Technical setup
Our onboarding team will help you with integration while ensuring full traceability, access control and anonymization. Once integrated, accepting new Data Users will not require any development work while maintaining the separation layer from your internal databases.
04 Contract finalization
We support you in finalizing terms of your data sharing agreements. You can use our boilerplates to minimize legal work required to finalize your contracts with Data Providers.

Use case

A Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) company requests specific customer data from a Payment Service Provider (PSP), contingent on customer consent. With access to transaction history or RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) profiles, the BNPL can serve significantly more customers while reducing risk.

Potential partnerships

Data Provider

Data User

data science platform




A Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) company lacks high-quality data required to serve the right customers.

Payment Service Provider (PSP) provides specific customer data to Data Science Platform (DSP) based on customer consent and delivers customer scoring to BNPL.



Retailer create rich customer profiles based on collaborative data.

Brands use these profiles to reach the right audience through the Advanced Retail Media Network such as reactivating inactive customers through the Retailer channels.



A bank performs a permission-based lookup into a telco’s customer data to detect SIM swapping fraud.

A telco confirms customer identity with major banks through a single point of integration.



An insurance company targets specific telco customer subsets.

The telco provides aggregated data, enabling insurance companies to build lookalike audiences.

Single point of integration for Customer Data

Trusted Twin navigates you through complex regulations, technical barriers, facilitating real-time data collaboration that respects privacy, allows access control and ensures data integrity.

Data Collaboration

Our platform features granular data governance, supports unlimited collaborators, and adopts an object approach for both individual and aggregated customer data analysis.


Our system offers seamless integrations through APIs, provides instant data access, and ensures real-time updates.

Privacy and Security

Our solution incorporates Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET), ensures GDPR compliance, and manages consent effectively for zero-party data.

Ready to kick off your data monetization strategy?