Get Customer Data and Insights from trusted sources

Access tens of millions real-time Customer Profiles. Increase your sales with better customer evaluation, hyper-personalization and dynamic pricing.

Increase conversions thanks to real Customer Data

Lacking access to high-quality data, businesses risk losing revenue and serving the wrong customers while turning away the right ones. Trusted Twin lets you access high-quality data of actual customers, not their statistical profiles or aggregated data.

Customer evaluation

Verify your customer identity within seconds or enrich your data with new details.

Dynamic pricing

Increase your conversions by tailoring your pricing to each customer. 

Credit scoring

Stop rejecting good customers by better assessing your prospects credibility fueled by second party data.


Access the right customers in the right moment thanks to personalized offers built with high-quality data.

Trusted Twin is a Customer Data Hub that enables Data Users to connect with a variety of Data Providers in a secure, privacy-centric environment.

Data User

Data Provider

How it works?

Access high-quality data in just three simple steps.

Enjoy straightforward pricing charged per query, 
with no hidden fees.

01 Define your needs

Define the problem you want to solve with real-time Customer Data or describe the data you need to access. 

02 Schedule a free demo

We walk you through the process of getting the data from one of the existing Data Providers. If there is no matching data, let us find the right Data Provider for you.

03 Get the data via API

Start accessing the data via our well-documented and easy to use API and enjoy the growing number of your satisfied customers.

Access 30M+ customers and growing...

Explore over 30 million of existing Customer Profiles. Access data from Payment Service Providers, banking, telco data, with customer consent and in compliance with GDPR.

30+ banks in Europe

Verify identity or access transaction history from 10 banks in the UK and over 30 in CEE (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania)

Online payments data

Get online transaction history or RFM profiles from leading Payment Service Providers. 

Telco data

Access basic subscriber profile or detect sim swap scheme with data from leading telcos.

Retail data

Create custom audiences, increase brand recognition or unlock one-to-one marketing with data from top retailers.

Use case

A Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) company requests specific customer data from a Payment Service Provider (PSP), contingent on customer consent. With access to transaction history or RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) profiles, the BNPL can serve significantly more customers while reducing risk.

Potential partnerships

Data Provider

Data User

Data Collaborators



A Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) company lacks high-quality data required to serve the right customers.

Payment Service Provider (PSP) provides specific customer data based on customer consent.



Retailer create rich customer profiles based on collaborative data.

Brands use these profiles to reach the right audience through the Retail Media Network.



A bank performs a permission-based lookup into a telco’s Customer Data to detect SIM swapping fraud.

A telco confirms customer identity with major banks through a single point of integration.



A bank and insurance companies within the same holding group collaborate to create custom audiences.

They use collaborative data to target high-intent buyers with dedicated offers and dynamic pricing.

Single point of integration for Customer Data

Trusted Twin navigates you through complex regulations, technical barriers, facilitating real-time data collaboration that respects privacy, allows access control and ensures data integrity.

Data Collaboration

Our platform features granular data governance, supports unlimited collaborators, and adopts an object approach for both individual and aggregated customer data analysis.


Our system offers seamless system-to-system integrations through APIs, provides access to data in milliseconds, and ensures real-time updates.

Privacy and Security

Our solution incorporates Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET), ensures GDPR compliance, and manages consent effectively for zero-party data.

Get the right Customer Data