# Webhook unsubscribe

This endpoint unsubscribes from a webhook.


You can make a request to this endpoint by using the "unsubscribe_url" provided in the response to the request to the confirm_a_webhook_subscription, refresh_a_webhook_subscription endpoints as well as in the notification message.

Method Path Operation*
DELETE /notifications/webhooks/{account}?token={token} webhook_unsubscribe


This endpoint does not require User Secret (API key) authorization.

# Request

Parameter Type In Description
string query string Unique identifier of the subscription generated by the system.
string path Account UUID.

# Response

Attribute Type Message
subscription dictionary
Subscription details.
Attribute Type Description
topic string Name of the subscription topic. It must match the regular expression(opens new window) ^[0-9A-Za-z\-]{3,48}$.
account string Account UUID.
validity_ts timestamp Time at which the subscription expires. Measured in seconds (to three decimal places) that have elapsed since the Unix epoch(opens new window).

# Status codes

Requests to this endpoint result in generic status codes. For a comprehensive list of status codes, please consult the Status codes section.

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