What are the main data sharing benefits?

 Intro Based on a study by Forrester, organizations, which are strongly data-driven are 162%  more likely to exceed their revenue goals in comparison to their less data-informed competitors.  Yet, many businesses don’t always get it right in their efforts to become a truly data-driven company. Many times, they might fall victim to human errors, or […]

How to pick the best operational data sharing platform?

 Intro With the latest evolution of IoT and digital twin technology, data sharing platforms have gone a long way from what they used to offer even just a few years back. Many businesses already acknowledge the benefits of traditional analytical data platforms – with Snowflake being one of the better-known solutions. And while they can […]

9 obstacles that might be blocking you from digital transformation

9 obstacles that might be blocking you from digital transformation

 Intro According to Gartner, by 2023, businesses that value and strive for data sharing will outperform those that don’t. However, simultaneously, they predict that through 2022, less than 5% of companies will get their data-sharing programs right. This means being able to locate and correctly identify trusted data. When it comes to businesses, the ability […]

Data sharing beyond big data – how information sharing supports business operations

Intro When it comes to data-driven decision making, the big data concept is, without a doubt, in the spotlight. No wonder, since it has the potential of significantly improving business intelligence, especially if data is efficiently shared among collaborating partners. And while this is clearly a game-changer for both the tech industry and the overall […]

Analytical data vs operational data – how are they different?

Intro Making the right business decisions is impossible without high-quality data. However, depending on your current challenges there are different data types you can turn to, i.e., analytical and operational data. That being said, the case here isn’t about choosing one over the other; both are necessary to address different types of needs. That’s what […]

How to Manage Large Data Sets from IoT Devices

Introduction As the technological era continues to evolve, the amount of data that are collected daily is growing at an ever-changing rate. The ability to utilize a large amount of data helps companies conduct high-level analytics that comes with a myriad of benefits. For example, big data is a method that allows companies to store […]

Sharing of data – 11 best practices worth following

Intro Building shared processes around operational data helps in improving business operations. However, to reap the full benefits for your organization, you need to have a solid data sharing policy and infrastructure in place. This will allow you to ensure the security, scalability, and flexibility of your data, for many years to come. In this […]