# Get Indexes tables

This endpoint retrieves a lists of existing Indexes tables in an account.

Method Path Operation*
GET /account/services/indexes get_indexes_tables


In order for a user to perform the "get_indexes_tables" operation, the "get_indexes_tables" permission must be included in the list of allowed actions in the statement of the user's role.

# Request

No parameters.

# Response

The response returns the "stats" attribute. It holds the "status" and the "database_size" attributes, a list of users with their respective access permissions to the Indexes database held in the "users" attribute, and the names of the Indexes tables held in the "indexes" attribute.

Attribute Type Description
indexes list of strings List of names of Indexes tables in the Indexes database.

# Status codes

Requests to this endpoint result in generic status codes. For a comprehensive list of status codes, please consult the Status codes section.

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