# Get user usage

This endpoint retrieves the usage data of a given user. The usage data is stored in buckets. A bucket is created at the beginning of a full hour and stored after an hour. Therefore, the usage data retrieved through this endpoint refers to the bucket started at the beginning of the current hour. If the request is made at the beginning of an hour, it is possible that two buckets are returned in the response - the bucket started at the beginning of the current hour, and then bucket from the previous hour (if it has not been moved to the accounting system already).

Method Path Operation*
GET /usage/{user} get_user_usage


In order for a user to perform the "get_user_usage" operation, the "get_user_usage" permission must be included in the list of allowed actions in the statement of the user's role.

# Request

Parameter Type In Description
string path User UUID whose usage data are to be retrieved.

# Response

# Usage items

Item Category Description
odb_read_cost database ODB read operations abstract cost.
odb_write_cost database ODB write operations abstract cost.
rds_read_cost database RDS read operations abstract cost (based on cursor row count).
rds_write_cost database RDS write operations abstract cost (based on cursor row count).
hist_db_read_cost database Number of rows read from History database.
hist_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in History database.
ts_db_read_cost database Number of rows read from Timeseries database.
ts_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in Timeseries database.
ix_db_read_cost database Number of rows read from Indexes database.
ix_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in Indexes database.
stickers_db_read_cost database number of rows read from the Stickers database.
stickers_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in the Stickers database.
rest_count requests Number of REST requests processed.
request_count requests Number of task requests processed.
task_publish_topic_count requests Number of publishes to subscription topics.
task_{name}_count* tasks Number of specified task requests processed.
doc_size_delta storage Doc storage space used delta (based on the actual file sizes).
access_optimized_doc_size_delta storage Doc storage space used delta for access_optimized storage.
cost_optimized_doc_size_delta storage Doc storage space used delta for cost_optimized storage.
database_size_delta storage Database volume size delta in bytes (used for advanced database services).
ledger_size_delta storage Ledgers size delta in bytes.
twins_created objects Number of created Twins.
twins_terminated objects Number of terminated Twins.
identities_added objects Number of Identities added.
identities_deleted objects Number of Identities deleted.
ledgers_added objects Number of Ledgers added.
ledgers_deleted objects Number of deleted Ledgers.
task_queue_count system Number of queue requests processed.
doc_queue_count system Doc processing service messages send counter.
database_queue_count system Number of handled advanced database messages.
result_io_count system Task result cache I/O operations count.
log_io_count system Log cache I/O operations count.
dead_service_count system Number of updates to Ledger entries with Timeseries configuration, when service was not enabled for account.
l1_hit_count cache DB L1 cache hit counter.
l2_hit_count cache DB L2 cache hit counter.
l2_miss_count cache DB L2 cache miss counter.
ts_conn_pool_hit_count cache Number of times when Timeseries database connection was already available in the pool.
ts_conn_pool_miss_count cache Number of times when Timeseries database connection was not available in the pool.
ts_conn_pool_broken_count cache Number of times when connections to Timeseries database failed verification.
ts_conn_pool_new_count cache Number of successful new connections to Timeseries database.
ts_conn_pool_fail_count cache Number of unsuccessful connections tries to Timeseries database.
ix_conn_pool_hit_count cache Number of times when Indexes database connection was already available in the pool.
ix_conn_pool_miss_count cache Number of times when Indexes database connection was not available in the pool.
ix_conn_pool_broken_count cache Number of times when connections to Indexes database failed verification.
ix_conn_pool_new_count cache Number of successful new connections to Indexes database.
ix_conn_pool_fail_count cache Number of unsuccessful connections tries to Indexes database.
odb_io_time time ODB operations I/O time.
l2_io_time time DB L2 cache I/O time.
rds_io_time time RDS database operations I/O time.
result_io_time time Task result cache I/O operations time.
log_io_time time Log cache I/O operations time.
lambda_time time Time spent in the request handler lambda.
doc_outbound_traffic_delta transfer Size of downloaded files in bytes.
database_outbound_traffic_delta transfer Database outbound traffic in bytes.
rest_outbound_traffic_delta transfer REST API requests outbound traffic in bytes.


Please see list of tasks for description of a given task.

# Tasks

Task Category Description
create_twin Twin create_twin
get_twin Twin get_twin
update_twin Twin update_twin
delete_twin Twin delete_twin
create_twin_identity Identity create_twin_identity
get_twin_identity Identity get_twin_identity
get_twin_identities Identity get_twin_identities
update_twin_identity Identity update_twin_identity
delete_twin_identity Identity delete_twin_identity
resolve_twin_identity Identity resolve_twin_identity.md
add_twin_ledger_entry Ledger add_twin_ledger_entry
get_twin_ledger_entry Ledger get_twin_ledger_entry
update_twin_ledger_entry_value Ledger update_twin_ledger_entry_value
update_twin_ledger_entry Ledger update_twin_ledger_entry
delete_twin_ledger_entry Ledger delete_twin_ledger_entry
add_ledger_entry_ref Ledger Adds a Ledger Entry reference.
update_ledger_entry_ref Ledger Updates a Ledger Entry reference.
delete_ledger_entry_ref Ledger Deletes a Ledger Entry reference.
create_upload_url Doc create_upload_url
invalidate_upload_url Doc invalidate_upload_url
attach_twin_doc Doc attach_twin_doc
get_twin_doc Doc get_twin_doc
get_twin_docs Doc get_twin_docs
update_twin_doc Doc update_twin_doc
update_twin_doc_status Doc Updates the status of Doc.
delete_twin_doc Doc delete_twin_doc
download_doc Doc download_twin_doc
get_twin_ledger_entry_history History get_twin_ledger_entry_history
history_append History Appends a History record.
history_delete History Deletes a History record.
update_timeseries_access Timeseries update_timeseries_access
create_timeseries_table Timeseries create_timeseries_table
get_timeseries_table Timeseries get_timeseries_table
get_timeseries_tables Timeseries get_timeseries_tables
update_timeseries_table Timeseries update_timeseries_table
truncate_timeseries_table Timeseries truncate_timeseries_table
delete_timeseries_table Timeseries delete_timeseries_table
update_indexes_access Indexes update_indexes_access
create_indexes_table Indexes create_indexes_table
get_indexes_table Indexes get_indexes_table
get_indexes_tables Indexes get_indexes_tables
update_indexes_table Indexes update_timeseries_table
truncate_indexes_table Indexes truncate_indexes_table
delete_indexes_table Indexes delete_indexes_table
enable_service Timeseries/Indexes Enables database service for an account.
update_service Timeseries/Indexes Updates database service for the account.
disable_service Timeseries/Indexes Disables database service for the account.
add_services_database Timeseries/Indexes Adds services database to an account.
remove_services_database Timeseries/Indexes Removes services database from an account.
update_services_database Timeseries/Indexes Updates services database for an account.
webhook_subscribe Notifications webhook_subscribe
webhook_confirm_subscription Notifications webhook_confirm_subscription
webhook_refresh_subscription Notifications webhook_refresh_subscription
webhook_unsubscribe Notifications webhook_unsubscribe
put_sticker Stickers put_sticker
get_sticker Stickers get_sticker
get_stickers Stickers get_stickers
list_stickers Stickers list_stickers
remove_sticker Stickers remove_sticker
create_user_role role create_user_role
get_user_role role get_user_role
update_user_role role update_user_role
delete_user_role role delete_user_role
create_user user create_user
get_user user get_user
update_user user update_user
delete_user user delete_user
create_user_secret_pin User Secret create_user_secret_pin
create_user_secret User Secret create_user_secret
get_user_secret User Secret get_user_secret
update_user_secret User Secret update_user_secret
delete_user_secret User Secret delete_a_user_secret
create_user_token User Token create_user_token
refresh_user_token User Token refresh_user_token
who_am_i Who am I who am I
trace Trace trace
trace_system Trace Task triggered by a trace request.
get_account_usage Usage get_account_usage
get_user_usage Usage get_user_usage
get_log Log get_log