# Overview

# Usage items

Item Category Description
db_read_cost database ODB read operations abstract cost.
db_write_cost database ODB write operations abstract cost.
hist_db_read_cost database Number of rows read from History database.
hist_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in History database.
ts_db_read_cost database Number of rows read from Timeseries database.
ts_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in Timeseries database.
ix_db_read_cost database Number of rows read from Indexes database.
ix_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in Indexes database.
stickers_db_read_cost database number of rows read from the Stickers database.
stickers_db_write_cost database Number of rows modified in the Stickers database.
rest_count requests Number of REST requests processed.
request_count requests Number of task requests processed.
task_publish_topic_count requests Number of publishes to subscription topics.
task_{name}_count* tasks Number of specified task requests processed.
doc_size_delta storage Doc storage space used delta (based on the actual file sizes).
access_optimized_doc_size_delta storage Doc storage space used delta for access_optimized storage.
cost_optimized_doc_size_delta storage Doc storage space used delta for cost_optimized storage.
database_size_delta storage Database volume size delta in bytes (used for advanced database services).
ledger_size_delta storage Ledgers size delta in bytes.
twins_created objects Number of created Twins.
twins_terminated objects Number of terminated Twins.
identities_added objects Number of Identities added.
identities_deleted objects Number of Identities deleted.
ledgers_added objects Number of Ledgers added.
ledgers_deleted objects Number of deleted Ledgers.
task_queue_count system Number of queue requests processed.
doc_queue_count system Doc processing service messages send counter.
database_queue_count system Number of handled advanced database messages.
result_io_count system Task result cache I/O operations count.
log_io_count system Log cache I/O operations count.
dead_service_count system Number of updates to Ledger entries with Timeseries configuration, when service was not enabled for account.
l1_hit_count cache DB L1 cache hit counter.
l2_hit_count cache DB L2 cache hit counter.
l2_miss_count cache DB L2 cache miss counter.
ts_conn_pool_hit_count cache Number of times when Timeseries database connection was already available in the pool.
ts_conn_pool_miss_count cache Number of times when Timeseries database connection was not available in the pool.
ts_conn_pool_broken_count cache Number of times when connections to Timeseries database failed verification.
ts_conn_pool_new_count cache Number of successful new connections to Timeseries database.
ts_conn_pool_fail_count cache Number of unsuccessful connections tries to Timeseries database.
ix_conn_pool_hit_count cache Number of times when Indexes database connection was already available in the pool.
ix_conn_pool_miss_count cache Number of times when Indexes database connection was not available in the pool.
ix_conn_pool_broken_count cache Number of times when connections to Indexes database failed verification.
ix_conn_pool_new_count cache Number of successful new connections to Indexes database.
ix_conn_pool_fail_count cache Number of unsuccessful connections tries to Indexes database.
db_io_time time ODB operations I/O time.
l2_io_time time DB L2 cache I/O time.
result_io_time time Task result cache I/O operations time.
log_io_time time Log cache I/O operations time.
lambda_time time Time spent in the request handler lambda.
doc_outbound_traffic_delta transfer Size of downloaded files in bytes.
database_outbound_traffic_delta transfer Database outbound traffic in bytes.
rest_outbound_traffic_delta transfer REST API requests outbound traffic in bytes.


Please see list of tasks for description of a given task.

# Tasks

Task Category Description
create_twin Twin create_twin
get_twin Twin get_twin
scan_twins Twin scan_twins
update_twin Twin update_twin
delete_twin Twin delete_twin
create_twin_identity Identity create_twin_identity
get_twin_identity Identity get_twin_identity
get_twin_identities Identity get_twin_identities
update_twin_identity Identity update_twin_identity
delete_twin_identity Identity delete_twin_identity
resolve_twin_identity Identity resolve_twin_identity.md
add_twin_ledger_entry Ledger add_twin_ledger_entry
get_twin_ledger_entry Ledger get_twin_ledger_entry
update_twin_ledger_entry_value Ledger update_twin_ledger_entry_value
update_twin_ledger_entry Ledger update_twin_ledger_entry
delete_twin_ledger_entry Ledger delete_twin_ledger_entry
add_ledger_entry_ref Ledger Adds a Ledger Entry reference.
update_ledger_entry_ref Ledger Updates a Ledger Entry reference.
delete_ledger_entry_ref Ledger Deletes a Ledger Entry reference.
create_upload_url Doc create_upload_url
invalidate_upload_url Doc invalidate_upload_url
attach_twin_doc Doc attach_twin_doc
get_twin_doc Doc get_twin_doc
get_twin_docs Doc get_twin_docs
update_twin_doc Doc update_twin_doc
update_twin_doc_status Doc Updates the status of Doc.
delete_twin_doc Doc delete_twin_doc
download_doc Doc download_twin_doc
get_twin_ledger_entry_history History get_twin_ledger_entry_history
history_append History Appends a History record.
history_delete History Deletes a History record.
update_timeseries_access Timeseries update_timeseries_access
create_timeseries_table Timeseries create_timeseries_table
get_timeseries_table Timeseries get_timeseries_table
get_timeseries_tables Timeseries get_timeseries_tables
update_timeseries_table Timeseries update_timeseries_table
truncate_timeseries_table Timeseries truncate_timeseries_table
delete_timeseries_table Timeseries delete_timeseries_table
update_indexes_access Indexes update_indexes_access
create_indexes_table Indexes create_indexes_table
get_indexes_table Indexes get_indexes_table
get_indexes_tables Indexes get_indexes_tables
update_indexes_table Indexes update_timeseries_table
truncate_indexes_table Indexes truncate_indexes_table
delete_indexes_table Indexes delete_indexes_table
enable_service Timeseries/Indexes Enables database service for an account.
update_service Timeseries/Indexes Updates database service for the account.
disable_service Timeseries/Indexes Disables database service for the account.
add_services_database Timeseries/Indexes Adds services database to an account.
remove_services_database Timeseries/Indexes Removes services database from an account.
update_services_database Timeseries/Indexes Updates services database for an account.
webhook_subscribe Notifications webhook_subscribe
webhook_confirm_subscription Notifications webhook_confirm_subscription
webhook_refresh_subscription Notifications webhook_refresh_subscription
webhook_unsubscribe Notifications webhook_unsubscribe
put_sticker Stickers put_sticker
get_sticker Stickers get_sticker
get_stickers Stickers get_stickers
list_stickers Stickers list_stickers
remove_sticker Stickers remove_sticker
create_user_role role create_user_role
get_user_role role get_user_role
update_user_role role update_user_role
delete_user_role role delete_user_role
create_user user create_user
get_user user get_user
update_user user update_user
delete_user user delete_user
create_user_secret_pin User Secret create_user_secret_pin
create_user_secret User Secret create_user_secret
get_user_secret User Secret get_user_secret
update_user_secret User Secret update_user_secret
delete_user_secret User Secret delete_a_user_secret
create_user_token User Token create_user_token
refresh_user_token User Token refresh_user_token
who_am_i Who am I who am I
trace Trace trace
trace_system Trace Task triggered by a trace request.
get_account_usage Usage get_account_usage
get_user_usage Usage get_user_usage
get_log Log get_log

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